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With the advent of wireless internet for all schools, we are embarking on an exciting journey of digital transformation, with the ultimate goal of a 1:1 environment where students and teachers have access to the technological tools and resources they tell us they need to be successful – any time, anywhere. Thanks to the input of several of our high school students, we are calling this digital transformation effort underway in Frederick County Public Schools, Technology Now.

It's Our Obligation.

While the name Technology Now speaks to equipping our teachers and students with the latest technology, the technology itself – the device or hardware - is simply a means to an end. We recognize that it is not about the device itself – rather what we do with it that will make all the difference. The most important resource in the classroom has been, and always will be, the teacher. We want to provide the technological tools teachers and students are telling us they need, and we want to focus on what we will do with them to be successful.

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