Office of the Ombuds

The Ombuds (pronounced “om-budz”) is a neutral person designated by the Board of Education to informally help provide options for resolution of an FCPS concern or issue. The Ombuds:

  • Empowers individuals to overcome disputes, conflicts, and barriers that find options for best possible resolutions
  • Builds and strengthens productive and effective relationships between FCPS organizational departments, staff, and the public
  • Provides information and resources related to FCPS processes and helps to navigate processes
  • Fosters collaboration and effective communication
  • Identifies ways to contribute to systemic improvements by monitoring trends, addressing concerns or issues, and promoting fair processes
  • Supports FCPS’s mission to reach all students with exceptional teaching and caring support, challenge them to achieve their potential, and prepare them for success in a global society


The Ombuds fosters partnerships, builds relationships, and services FCPS students, families, staff, and community members, empowering them to thrive and work together. The Ombuds supports the Board of Education and wider community by analyzing FCPS data and suggesting ways to improve student achievement and enhance FCPS’s organizational efficiency.

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Sabrina Nail
Ombuds for Frederick County Public Schools

(301) 696-6852


Office of the Ombuds Intake Form


  • The Ombuds partners with students, families, staff, and the community to navigate educational challenges and provide options for collaborative, fair resolutions while also identifying areas for the Board of Education to review and potentially improve.
  • The Ombuds serves the community by listening to and understanding concerns, providing information about FCPS resources and how to access them, and providing support to help resolve concerns. The Ombuds does not replace other FCPS tools to resolve problems and conflicts, but rather supplements those tools, provides resources, and fosters collaboration.
  • The Ombuds helps community members navigate FCPS processes and empowers them to work toward best possible outcomes. The Ombuds is committed to a fair and credible process for resolving concerns.