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Even when everyone is working with the best possible outcome in mind, a challenging situation can arise. Normally, challenging situations are most quickly resolved closest to the source of the concern.  

The Office of the Ombuds is here to foster partnerships, build relationships, and serve FCPS students, families, staff, and community members, empowering them to thrive and work together.  The Ombuds will help you to navigate educational challenges and provide options for collaborative, fair resolutions while also identifying areas for the Board of Education to review and potentially improve.  The Office of the Ombuds does not replace other FCPS tools to resolve problems and conflicts, but rather supplements those tools, provides resources, and fosters collaboration with FCPS.

Start by communicating directly with the source person.

In order to set the stage for effective communication, when raising a concern:

  • Organize your thoughts
  • Assume that the person is acting with good intentions  
  • Make a list of question or points
  • Clearly and respectfully state the concern
  • Clarify the situation and understand different viewpoints
  • Identify and be open to different ways to resolve your concern
  • Clarify when follow up will occur
  • Keep records

The Office of the Ombuds is here for you!  
How to Contact the Office of the Ombuds:
Office: (301) 689-6852
Cell: (301) 471-3853
Email: or

Steps to Resolve Concerns

  1. Your child’s teacher or school counselor, as appropriate
  2. School assistant principal or principal
  3. Central office instructional director or the appropriate department supervisor if your concern is about a non-school matter such as transportation or food service
  4. Executive director of System Accountability and School Administration
  5. Deputy superintendent or chief operating officer
  6. Superintendent
  7. Board of Education

The Superintendent and Board of Education will address unresolved issues only after they have been explored by the sequence of school personnel. See Policy 105, Appeal and Hearing Procedure.

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein