The Ombuds Can/Cannot

The Ombuds CAN The Ombuds CANNOT
  • Listen to and clarify concerns to understand them thoroughly
  • Help community members identify and explore options for solutions
  • Provide information to help resolve concerns by researching Board of Education policies and FCPS regulations.
  • Coach and empower individuals on how to prepare for conversations that lead to collaborative resolutions
  • Navigate individuals to the correct resources and people to address concerns
  • Foster communication
  • Identify trends to the Board of Education for review of continuous improvement
  • Receive formal complaints
  • Conduct investigations of potential wrongdoing  
  • Impose discipline or overturn student disciplinary decisions
  • Make, set or change Board of Education policies or FCPS regulations
  • Advocate on any particular position
  • Participate in litigation
  • Provide legal advice
  • Intervene when parties are involved in legal or administrative proceedings