Goals and Strategic Plan


Frederick County Public Schools has established itself as a high performing school system compared to many other Maryland districts. However, FCPS faces a rapidly changing environment, including diverse student needs, changes to local, state, and national regulations, and an unpredictable fiscal climate. In response to these shifts, FCPS has worked over the past several months to develop a long-term strategic plan that will guide the academic and operational goals of FCPS moving forward.

The aspirational goals and priorities will help FCPS to achieve its mission. The mission is to:

  • Reach our students with exceptional teaching and caring support,
  • Challenge them to achieve their potential, and
  • Prepare them for success in a global society.

FCPS has completed its first year of work with new aspirations, priorities, and measurable goals.

Theory of Action

Education is the foundation of our community. The Frederick County Public Schools System educates its students to become caring, respectful, and responsible citizens and family members. Students look forward to school each day. They take full advantage of the rigorous academic curricula and strive to develop their talents. They utilize the power of technology to explore a world of new ideas and information. They acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve and the confidence to succeed, and are rewarded with a wide choice of offers from higher education and employers. FCPS graduates are exceptional 21st century citizens.

Outstanding applicants compete to join our system. Employees enjoy the respect of students and the community, opportunities for professional growth, and recognition for their contributions to our system. They value each student and create a learning climate where students can reach for their dreams.  

Parents, public officials, businesses and citizens actively support our commitment to challenge all students to achieve their potential. The board of education and school system staff embrace the community's contributions and are responsible stewards of its resources.  

Parents choose to send their children to our schools.

Businesses and families move to Frederick County because of our schools.


Involved families and community members are essential in helping schools deliver on the promise of public education as we reach, challenge and prepare every child for success. Here are the goals we strive to achieve together:

Aspirational Goal 1:  FCPS will equip each and every student to be an empowered learner and an engaged citizen to achieve a positive impact in the local and global community.

Priority 1: FCPS will provide each and every student high quality instruction that fosters inquiry, creative thinking, complex problem solving, and collaboration.

Priority 2: FCPS will raise achievement for all students and eliminate achievement gaps.

Aspirational Goal 2: FCPS will hire, support, and retain staff who champion individual, professional, and student excellence.

Priority 3: FCPS will implement strategies to ensure a high quality and diverse workforce.

Priority 4: FCPS will support all staff by providing ongoing opportunities to grow as professionals throughout their career.

Aspirational Goal 3: FCPS will pursue and utilize all resources strategically and responsibly to achieve identified outcomes and inspire public confidence.

Priority 5: FCPS will provide equitable distribution of all resources based on the varied needs of students and schools.

Priority 6: FCPS will promote clear communication and transparency in allocation of resources.

Aspirational Goal 4: FCPS will nurture relationships with families and the entire community, sharing responsibility for student success and demonstrating pride in all aspects of our school system.

Priority 7: FCPS will encourage and sustain collaborations with families and the entire community to support student success.

Priority 8: FCPS will equip staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to be positive ambassadors who build support for our goals and initiatives.

Aspirational Goal 5: FCPS will promote a culture fostering wellness and civility for students and staff.

Priority 9: FCPS will promote and maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Priority 10: FCPS will foster personal well-being and health among students and staff through increased awareness and engagement on these topics.

Baseline data from the 2016-17 school year has been shared with the board and community from August 2017 - January 2018. Each presentation can be found below.

While the aspirational goals and priorities outline the "what," the district established initiatives outlining the "how." The ESSA Consolidated Strategic Plan articulates the work done in the previous school year to accomplish our goals.