Career and Technical Education

Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs of study are available at all high schools and the Career & Technology Center. They offer students the opportunity to prepare for college and/or career and through academic skill development and practical work experiences. A CTE completer consists of four courses within a specific career pathway. Typically a CTE completer earns industry certifications and/or college credit. Your school counselor can help you to incorporate one of these programs into your high school plans. See the High School Course Guide for a complete listing of offerings.

CTE Completer Programs at High Schools. A wide range of CTE programs are offered at the county's comprehensive "home" high schools.

Career and College Readiness Information
Career and College Readiness


Dr. Kristine Pearl
Supervisor of Career and Technical Education

Phone: 301-696-6849

Norm McGaughey
Coordinator of Career and Technical Education

Phone: 301-696-6849

Eric Bokinsky
Coordinator of Work-Based Learning

Phone: 301-696-6849

Korbin Shoemaker
CTE Teacher Specialist

Phone: 301-644-4019

Julie Smith
Grant Specialist

Phone:  301-644-5188

Haley Weldon
CTE Administrative Secretary

Phone: 301-696-6849
Fax: 301-644-4139