Personal Financial Literacy

Kim Day
Curriculum Specialist for Elementary Social Studies 

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Mary Feist
Administrative Secretary

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The Maryland State Curriculum for Personal Financial Literacy Education Standards:

  • Apply financial literacy reasoning in order to make informed, financially responsible decisions
  • Relate choices regarding one’s education and career paths to earning potential
  • Plan and manage money effectively by identifying financial goals and developing spending plans
  • Make informed decisions about incurring debt and maintaining credit worthiness
  • Plan and achieve long-term goals related to saving and investing in order to build financial security and wealth
  • Develop financial planning skills to minimize financial setbacks

FCPS Approach to Financial Literacy Education

Grades 3-5: Students enrolled in grades 3-5 access the Personal Financial Literacy curriculum through Social Studies units in grades 3, 4 and 5.

Grades 6-8: Students enrolled in grades 6-8 access the personal literacy curriculum through the following required courses:

Grade 6: Food Science, Lab 21 (required courses)
Grade 8: Life Skills in Society (CTE elective)

Grades 9-12*Personal Financial Literacy students must fulfill the 0.5 Personal Financial Literacy requirement through enrollment in one or more courses from the following menu:

Course Name Course Number
Advanced Career Development, Preparation, and Transition (2nd course in CRD 3 credit CTE Completer) 495500
Agri-Business at CTC 530004
Career and College Prep (1st course option for 3 credit CRD Completer) 498110
CDA 2 Learning Environment of Preschool 363051
Contemporary Financial Algebra 233231
Contemporary Mathematics 233230
Economics and Geography 164070
Entrepreneurship and Small Business at CTC 530005
Intro to Agricultural Science and Technology (1st course requirement for Pre-Vet and Horticulture 3 credit CTE Completers) 492351
Introduction to Career Research and Development (1st course option for 3 credit CRD Completer) 498000
Managing your Personal Finance 336040
Money, Finance and Economics 164370
NJROTC – Naval Science 2 (2nd course in CTE Completer) 568820
Principles of Business Management and Entrepreneurship (1st course requirement for all four CTE Business Completers) 331010
Principles of Finance and Accounting 332040

*Check course availability at your local high school as some courses listed above may not be offered