Do you have a question or concern?

See more information on bullying, harassment or intimidation here.

FCPS Public Affairs Department posts information on this website to make it easy for families to locate answers to frequently asked questions.

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In addition to helping families get answers to the questions they might have, this page provides the steps to take for resolving concerns within the school system.

If you have a concern or disagree with a decision made about your child’s instruction, discipline, safety or other matter, FCPS is ready to work with you to resolve the issue. Usually issues are most quickly resolved closest to the source of the concern.  Therefore, we recommend following this sequence, starting with #1 and proceeding to the next level as necessary until your concern is satisfactorily resolved:

  1. Your child’s teacher or school counselor, as appropriate
  2. School assistant principal or principal
  3. Central Office instructional director or the appropriate department supervisor if your concern is about a non-school matter such as transportation or food service
  4. Executive director of School Administration and Leadership
  5. Deputy superintendent or chief operating officer
  6. Superintendent
  7. Board of Education

The Superintendent and Board of Education will address unresolved issues only after they have been explored by the sequence of school personnel. When communicating by letter, fax or email, please send your correspondence only to the appropriate individual in the sequence. Please see Policy 105 (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window) and the Departments section of this website for contact information.


Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation:

Closings and Delays:


Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Form

Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaints may be submitted orally or in writing by any student, parent, guardian, staff member, or other individual. To facilitate the filing of a written complaint, individuals can complete the Restraint and/or Exclusion Complaint Form. This complaint procedure is intended to provide prompt and equitable resolution of complaints related to restraint and/or exclusion practices in accordance with Regulation 400-44 Restraint and Exclusion Practices.