Graduation Information

Credit Requirements

FCPS requires a minimum of 25 credits to graduate. This includes the minimum 21 credits beyond the 8th grade that the Maryland State Board of Education requires and 4 additional credits that FCPS requires: 1 in math and 3 career pathway credits. Credit requirements are outlined in the chart to the right.

Assessment Requirements

Students are required to take the Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) exams in Algebra 1, English 10, Life Science (Biology), and Government. Government and Life Science (Biology) MCAP exams are to be counted as 20% of a student’s final course grade beginning with first-time 9th graders in the 23/24 school year. For information on the 20% requirement, please visit

Credit Requirements

Class Credits


Social Studies
Science 3
Mathematics 4***
Physical Education 1/2
Health 1/2 credit for the class of 2024
1 credit for the class of 2025 and beyond
Fine Arts (Music, Art, Drama) 1
Technology Education 1
Choose one of the following:
Advanced Technology
      + Electives
World Language
      + Electives
State-Approved Career and 
       Technology Program
        + Elective
Electives from student’s career pathway** (including 1/2 credit in Personal Financial Literacy) 3
Total Credits 25
*In the same language
** The FCPS High School Planning Guide lists career pathways, and the Course Offerings Guide has detailed course information.
***Math or a related approved course must be taken each year of high school.