Instruction, Assignments and Grading During Home and Hospital Teaching

Full-Time and Part-Time HHT: The role of the HHT teacher is to provide lessons, assignments, and grading for each course they are assigned to provide. If the student was on full-time or part-time HHT for an entire term, then the HHT teacher’s grade can be issued as the final term grade. If the student was at school ½ the term and then out on HHT for ½ term, then the classroom grade and HHT grade can be averaged as the final term grade, or the final term grade may need to be weighted appropriately based on the amount of time the student was in the classroom versus on HHT.

Intermittent HHT: Intermittent HHT students continue to be responsible for completing coursework as assigned by their classroom teacher. The role of the intermittent HHT teacher is to provide instructional support/tutoring to assist the student in catching up with missed coursework. It is the parent/legal guardian/student responsibility to obtain any missed coursework/assignments from their classroom teacher/school and submit all completed assignments for grading back to their classroom teacher/school. Upon becoming eligible for intermittent HHT services (accrued at least 2 full day absences during 1 academic week due to the verified physical or emotional condition), it is the responsibility of parent/legal guardian/student to contact the intermittent HHT teacher to request intermittent HHT services, if desired. The assigned intermittent HHT teacher should make every effort to schedule the requested intermittent HHT service within 1 week of the request. Up to 1 hour of intermittent HHT can be scheduled for each full day absence. The student will need to be prepared to share with the intermittent HHT teacher the coursework/assignment they are seeking assistance with. The classroom teacher maintains the responsibility for issuing the course grade.