Capital Improvement Program

The school system’s capital budget funds the construction of new school facilities and provides for renovations, additions, roofing and barrier-free projects, technology equalizations and the purchase and/or relocation of portable classrooms for existing facilities in the first year of the six-year Capital Improvement Program.

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a six-year plan of capital project requests with cost estimates. The BOE prepares and submits the proposed capital budget to the county and state for funding consideration

Annual Capital Improvement Plan Update Cycle

April. System wide 10-year enrollment projections are updated and submitted to State Office of Planning for approval. FCPS Facilities Planning Department staff drafts annual updates to the Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) including 10-year enrollment projections for individual schools and the proposed 6- year CIP.

May/June. Superintendent’s recommended EFMP presented to the BOE.

June. Superintendent’s recommended EFMP presented to County Planning Commission for review and finding of consistency with County Comprehensive Plan. BOE approves EFMP.

July. BOE approved EFMP is submitted to the Maryland Office of Planning.

September. Governor releases proposed total statewide budget for school construction funding for the following fiscal year.

October. BOE approves prioritized State funding requests for next fiscal year with County Executive support. Capital project applications submitted to the Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC) for state funds.

November. FCPS staff updates enrollment projections for next school year based on actual September 30 enrollments. Capital project funding applications submitted to the County staff for county funds. Maryland IAC staff recommendations released.

December. IAC staff recommendations presented to the Interagency Commission on School Construction. IAC approves 75% of preliminary capital budget.

January. County and FCPS staff meet to review project needs and funding availability.

February/March. County Executive reviews all County CIP funding requests and staff recommendations and holds a public hearing regarding CIP requests. IAC approves 90% of submitted capital budget.

April. County Executive releases proposed CIP.

April/May. County Council holds public hearings on County Executive proposed CIP and approves final Capital Budget. IAC approves final capital budget and LEA capital funding. Cycle begins again for next fiscal year.

July. Funds for county- and state-approved projects available July 1.