Facility Studies and Construction Projects

Redistricting Studies

The BOE has established policies and procedures BOE Policy 200 and Regulation 100-02 that govern changes to attendance areas for schools across the system. Ideally, redistricting should be undertaken as infrequently as possible while still addressing other school system needs such as reducing overcrowding. Redistricting studies will continue to occur primarily in connection with the opening of new schools. Other potential redistricting studies that the BOE may consider are associated with areas where adjoining schools have unbalanced enrollments based on current or projected enrollment growth and school overcrowding.

Feasibility Studies

Each time an existing school (or other facility) is due for a renovation or addition, FCPS completes a feasibility study to determine whether the existing building is able to meet the current needs. Some buildings may be able to continue to serve the school community with interior renovations only. Other buildings may need additions to accommodate new educational requirements or a growing student population. Some buildings may need to be replaced on the same site or another site in order to meet FCPS’ needs. Feasibility studies typically take several months to complete and the community has opportunities to be engaged in the study.

Construction Projects