Facility Studies and Construction Projects

Redistricting Studies

The BOE has established policies and procedures BOE Policy 200 and Regulation 100-02 that govern changes to attendance areas for schools across the system. Ideally, redistricting should be undertaken as infrequently as possible while still addressing other school system needs such as reducing overcrowding. Redistricting studies will continue to occur primarily in connection with the opening of new schools. Other potential redistricting studies that the BOE may consider are associated with areas where adjoining schools have unbalanced enrollments based on current or projected enrollment growth and school overcrowding.

Crestwood Area Redistricting Study

Crestwood Area Redistricting Study

Feasibility and Limited Renovation Studies

Before undertaking a complete or limited renovation of a school or considering a replacement, FCPS completes a feasibility study or limited renovation study to determine the improvements needed to bring the building up to current facility standards and provide the current educational program.

Feasibility studies consider the complete renovation or replacement of a building to improve all building systems (e.g. plumbing, roofing, windows, flooring, heating and air conditioning, etc.) and provide the current programs outlined in FCPS’ Educational Specifications. State regulations require a feasibility study whenever 50 percent or more of the building will be demolished. The result of a feasibility study is a major construction project that will become part of FCPS’ long range Capital Improvement Program.

Limited renovation studies consider the improvement of at least five building systems to extend the life of the building, and may also consider how to reallocate space within the building to better fit the Educational Specifications, if possible, as part of the physical changes to the building. The result of a limited renovation study is a project that would take place over one or more summer breaks and would likely use funding from the systemic project category of the FCPS Capital Budget. A limited renovation study addresses the physical and program needs within the existing footprint and does not include additions to the building.

Middletown Campus

Middletown Campus Feasibility Study

Thurmont Elementary School

Thurmont Elementary School Limited Renovation

Construction Projects

Brunswick Elementary School

Brunswick Elementary School Replacement

Middletown Elementary School

Middletown Elementary and Middle Replacement

Yellow Springs Elementary School

Yellow Springs Elementary School Replacement