Educational Facilities Master Plan

The FCPS Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) is a 10 year plan that sets goals and addresses future school facility needs in response to enrollment growth, County Master Plan studies, renovation needs, changes in educational programs, state requirements and related issues. FCPS updates the EFMP annually as approved by the Board and submits it to the Maryland Department of Planning in accordance with their requirements.

This is the 2020 annual update of the Educational Facilities Master Plan.

2020 EFMP Story Map *

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Board of Education Approved EFMP Document
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We have broken down the Educational Facilities Master Plan into individual chapters for faster downloads.

Individual Chapters

Cover and Acknowledgments

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter I: Introduction

Chapter II: Community Analysis

Chapter III: Inventory and Evaluation of School Facilities

Chapter IV: Enrollment Projections and Facility Needs Analysis

Chapter V: Recommended Facilities Plan

Appendices A-E (Budgeting Documents)

  • A. Draft FY 2022 Board of Education Capital Budget
  • B. Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner’s proposed FY21-26 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Frederick County approved FY 20-25 CIP
  • C. Proposed calendar for the FY 2022 Capital Budget and the FY 2022-27 Capital Improvement Program
  • D. Frederick County Capital Improvement Program Policies
  • E. State IAC Funding Priorities 

Appendices F-J (Planning and Growth References)

  • F. Excerpts from Livable Frederick Master Plan, Adopted by Frederick County, September 2019 and September 2012 Frederick County Comprehensive Plan Maps
  • G. Excerpts from City of Frederick 2010 Comprehensive Plan Update November 2009
  • H. Frederick County and Municipal Residential Developments
  • I. FCPS Pupil Yield Rates
  • J. Future Potential School Site Locations

Appendices K-M (FCPS Inventories)

  • K: Portable Classroom Assignments for August 2020
  • L: FCPS School Facilities with Abbreviations and Grades Served
  • M: FCPS Facilities Inventory IAC/PSCP 101.1

Appendices N-R (Policies and Procedures)

  • N: School Closing Procedures Policies
  • O: FCPS Redistricting Policies
  • P: FCPS Use of School Facilities Policy and Regulation
  • Q: FCPS School Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Policy
  • R: FCPS Transportation Policies

Appendices S-V (Program Information)

  • S: Alternative Education Program
  • T: Special Education Program Description
  • U: Career and Technology Education Program Description
  • V: Staffing Ratios

Appendices W-Z (Official Approvals)

  • W: Maryland Department of Planning Approval to Use Local Enrollment Projections
  • X: Statement of Non-Discrimination
  • Y: Planning Department Statement of Consistency with the Comprehensive Plan
  • Z: Statement from LEA Certifying Acceptance of the Plan

Appendix AA (FCPS Attendance Boundary Maps)

  • AA: FCPS Attendance Boundary Maps for 2020-21 School Year