Crestwood Area Redistricting Study

Scope of Work

The purpose of this redistricting study is to adjust attendance boundaries between Crestwood, Ballenger Creek, Gov. Thomas Johnson (west of the Monocacy River), West Frederick, and Monocacy middle schools in order to balance enrollments between these schools once the addition to Crestwood MS has been completed. This redistricting is in conjunction with an addition to Crestwood Middle. Elementary schools included in this redistricting study are Ballenger Creek, Butterfly Ridge, Carroll Manor, Hillcrest, Lewistown (Monocacy Middle school feeder portion), Lincoln, Monocacy, North Frederick, Orchard Grove, Parkway, Spring Ridge (west of the Monocacy River), Tuscarora, Waverley, Whittier, and Yellow Springs; high schools included in this study are Frederick, Governor Thomas Johnson (west of the Monocacy River), and Tuscarora. These elementary and high school boundaries will be adjusted as necessary to preserve feeder patterns.

FCPS facilities planning staff will lead the redistricting study. Transportation, fiscal services, curriculum, and communication staff, as well as school administration, will also assist with the study. The redistricting study will be guided by Board of Education Policy 200 and Regulation 100-02.

The schedule for the study:

  • BOE establishes scope of work and study area – October 2022
  • FCPS staff gathers and evaluates data – December 2022 – March 2023
  • Community engagement – March – September 2023
  • Superintendent’s recommended attendance boundaries presented to BOE – May 2023
  • BOE Public Hearing – TBD - A new hearing date will be determined for the fall and posted here when scheduled.
  • BOE Action – TBD - A new date for BOE action will be determined for the fall/winter and posted here when scheduled.
  • Implementation of revised attendance boundaries – August 2024


Facilities Planning Department
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Crestwood Area