Black/African-American History Month Student Showcase

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The Frederick County Public Schools Public Affairs Department is sponsoring a systemwide Black/African-American History Month Student Showcase, encouraging students to write and submit entries about the contributions of three Frederick County residents: William O. Lee, Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne, and Esther E Grinage. The Showcase offers different writing prompts for primary grades kindergarten through two, intermediate grades three through five, middle school grades six through eight, and high school grades nine through twelve.

Primary students are encouraged to write a sentence about Dr. Ulysses G. Bourne. Intermediate students are encouraged to write a one- to two-paragraph essay entitled Who is Esther E. Grinage and How did She Contribute to Frederick County History? Middle school students are encouraged to select one of the three honorees and write a one-page essay entitled If _______ Were Alive Today, What Message Would He/She Bring to Us? High school students are encouraged to create a newspaper front page with the name of their newspaper, photos, and an article about one of the featured honorees.

Each school is encouraged to submit entries from no more than two students for the contest by noon, Wednesday, February 10. The Public Affairs Department will showcase primary school entries in a slideshow. Five intermediate and five middle school students will be selected to submit a video of themselves reading their entries. At the high school level, five submissions will be highlighted on social media during the fourth week of February. All entries will be showcased on the FCPS website and on social media.

Black/African-American History Month Student Showcase Entries