FY2024 Operating Budget Calendar

September 28, 2022 BOE Meeting – Approve Operating Budget Calendar & Discuss BOE Budget Priorities for FY2024 Board Room
October 3, 2022 Budget request instructions sent to Departments and Divisions  
October 24, 2022 Departmental and Division Budget submissions due to Budget Office  
November 8, 2022 FCPS Staff Budget Lunch & Learn 12:00PM – 1:00PM Board Room
November 30, 2022 Snow Date: December 14, 2022 Community Budget Forum 6:00 – 7:00PM Board Room
January 9, 2023 Public Release of FY2024 Superintendent’s Recommended Budget TBD
January 11, 2023 BOE Meeting – Budget Discussion 6:00PM Board Room
January 18, 2023 BOE Budget Work Sessions – Review Departmental and Divisional Budgets 9:00AM ‐ 3:00PM Board Room
January 25, 2023 Deadline for Release of FY2024 Governor’s Budget  
January 25, 2023 BOE Meeting – Budget Discussions 6:00PM Board Room
February 1, 2023 BOE Public Hearing on FY2024 Operating Budget 7:00PM Board Room
February 8, 2023 BOE Meeting – Approval of FY2024 Operating Budget Request to be forwarded to County 6:00PM Board Room
April ‐ June 2023 BOE Budget Discussions, as needed TBD
June 28, 2023 BOE Meeting – BOE Approval of Final Budget and Establishment of State‐Mandated Category Totals 6:00PM Board Room
July 1, 2023 FY2024 Operating Budget Effective  

Note: Please refer to the Frederick County Government Operating Budget Calendar for information regarding County actions.