Local Schools Perform Well on State Report Cards

Local Schools Perform Well on State Report Cards

Frederick County Public Schools received the Maryland School Report Cards for the 2018-2019 school year. The state calculated the percent of points each school earned on all measures and then converted the number to a star rating using a five-point scale. The 2018-2019 state report cards show that Frederick County’s public schools’ overall performance results rank in the top quartile in the state. Most earned four or five stars, on a scale of one to five, and none earned fewer than three stars.  

Frederick County’s public elementary schools had the highest percent of points earned for School Quality and Student Success in the state, while the overall percent of points earned increased the middle school rank by two positions over the previous year’s report card. FCPS had four high schools ranked between 90th and 99th percentile in the state.

The report card measures include academic performance in reading and math, academic growth, English language proficiency, chronic absenteeism, and well-rounded curriculum. For high schools, the state also reviews students “on-track” in ninth grade and graduation rate. New measures this year include a student and staff climate survey at the elementary, middle and high school levels and the state science assessment in grades 5 and 8 only. New reporting features this year include indicators for meeting state targets, for demonstrating improvement, and gaps in equity.

Report card results will assist school staff with their school improvement efforts, as FCPS is committed to continuous improvement for students. Teachers and school leaders monitor student performance regularly, and the state report cards add one more opportunity to evaluate performance using multiple measures.  

Maryland designed the report cards to meet federal requirements that help set standards for school accountability. Today, federal accountability standards for schools are legislated in the Every Student Succeeds Act.

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