FCPS Announces Schools Restricted for Out-of-District Transfers

FCPS Announces Schools Restricted for Out-of-District Transfers

Frederick County Public Schools will restrict out-of-district transfers at 32 schools in the 2020-2021 school year, in accordance with FCPS Regulation 400-78

Based on enrollment projections, the following schools will be at or near 100% capacity when schools open in August 2020. Consequently, their enrollment is limited only to those students who reside within each school’s attendance area.

Restricted elementary schools are: Brunswick, Deer Crossing, Glade, Green Valley, Hillcrest, Kemptown, Lewistown, Middletown (Primary), Monocacy, Myersville, New Market, New Midway/Woodsboro, Oakdale, Orchard Grove, Parkway, Tuscarora, Urbana, Valley, Walkersville, Waverley, Whittier and Yellow Springs. In addition Centerville, Sugarloaf and Twin Ridge Elementary are restricted as a result of the redistricting process, as outlined in Regulation 400-15

Restricted middle schools are Ballenger Creek, Monocacy, Oakdale and Urbana. 

Restricted high schools are Frederick, Urbana and Walkersville. 

FCPS publishes a list of restricted schools annually. Parents and guardians must renew out-of-district transfers for students every year. Transfer requests for students whose daycare providers are located outside their assigned attendance area will be denied if the school the child would be attending has been declared restricted. 

The at-capacity schools that are restricted for out-of-district transfers in September 2020 will continue under that designation for the 2020-2021 school year. School designations are re-evaluated annually based on projections. 

Parents or guardians who wish to request an out-of-district transfer must apply by completing the appropriate form, online at www.fcps.org in the section labeled For Families and Students, beginning January 2 and through March 1, 2020. Those seeking to renew a request approved for the current school year must re-apply online, also between January 2 and March 1, 2020. Families will be notified of the decision by April 1, 2020. For assistance completing the form, families may call 240-236-2493 after January 2.