New Board of Education Members sworn in

New Board of Education Members sworn in

David Bass, Jason (Mr. J) Johnson and Sue Johnson, three recently elected Board of Education members, took the oath of office in the Board Room at the Frederick County Public Schools headquarters building in Frederick.

All three are new to the Board and were elected to four-year terms.

After the swearing-in ceremony, conducted by Clerk of the Circuit Court Sandra K. Dalton, the Board convened its annual meeting to elect officers for the coming year.

Jay Mason was unanimously elected president, and Karen A. Yoho was unanimously elected vice president. Brad Young had served as Board president since December 2014.

Mason was elected to the Board in November 2018. He served as vice president from December 2019-2020. He has served as President of Eliminating Achievement Gaps Inc., as a member of Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner’s Education Leadership Team, and as a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council. 

Yoho was elected to the Board of Education in November 2018. She served as a FCPS teacher for 25 years, teaching every elementary grade except kindergarten. She has also served as a PTA president and as the legislative chair for the PTA Council of Frederick County. 

FCPS posts additional biographical information at and will add photos and biographies of new members soon.

photo of Jay Mason
Jay Mason
Board President
photo of Karen Yoho
Karen Yoho
Board Vice President
photo of David Bass
David Bass
Board Member
photo of Jason Johnson
Jason "Mr. J" Johnson
Board Member
photo of Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson
Board Member