FCPS Partners with AARCH

FCPS Partners with AARCH

left to right: FCPS Executive Director of Public Affairs Daryl Boffman; AARCH President David Key; AARCH Education Committee Chair Beverly Ford; FCPS Curriculum Specialist, Secondary Social Studies Colleen Bernard

Frederick County Public Schools recently signed a partnership agreement with the African American Resource, Cultural Heritage Society (AARCH). AARCH is committed to preserving and sharing the history and heritage of African American Culture of Frederick County.

AARCH will support the development and enhancement of curriculum materials by working with FCPS to ensure the inclusion of Black/African American History in the curriculum. The organization has agreed to provide digital and hard copy resources for FCPS students and teachers as well as host teacher in-service training.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with FCPS,” said David Key, AARCH President. “We are grateful for this endeavor and look forward to the programming we can accomplish in the years to come.”

AARCH will sponsor programs for students, including oral history lecturers, artifact presentations, hands-on travel trunks, and workshops. Student internship opportunities are also planned.

“It is with great pleasure that we formalize this partnership with AARCH, an organization with which we have worked for a number of years,” FCPS Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Colleen Bernard said. “We look forward to the continued collaboration in support of our local National History Day program and in connecting their resources to enrich learning for all students in FCPS.” 

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