BOE Honors Support Employees of the Year

2021 Support Employees of the Year

From left: Michael Bowles, Aaron Shorb, Crystal McKenzie, Jeremy Eccard, Orissa Linker, Barbara Hoy, Lori Zentz, Carolyn Shultz

Frederick County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban announced the names of the 2021 School-Based and Central Office Support Employees of the Year at today’s Board of Education Meeting. They are Crystal McKenzie and Aaron Shorb, respectively.

The FCPS Support Employees of the Year program recognizes outstanding members of the school system’s support staff in eight broad job categories. Two of the category winners are selected to receive the overall FCPS Central Office and School-Based Support Employee of the Year awards. The two overall winners receive a cash award, a personal day off, special trophy and Board of Education pin.

Thurmont Middle’s School-based Special Education Instructional Assistant of the Year, Crystal McKenzie, was nominated for this award by Assistant Principal Anita Shank who has worked with her for the last four years.

“Crystal is a beacon of light that draws students and staff to her as she provides our most needy and/or unresponsive learners educational opportunity,” Shank wrote in her nominating packet. “Ms. McKenzie is an advocate and protector of not only her own children but of all students at Thurmont Middle, and our students benefit from her initiative, skill, dedication and positive attitude in all that she does.”

Central Office Maintenance Employee of the Year, Aaron Shorb of Maintenance & Operations, was nominated by his supervisor Bob Wilkinson. Shorb is a grounds crew foreman. His responsibilities include tending to athletic fields, stormwater management, tree service and storm cleanup. He also specializes in playground inspection safety and maintenance and artificial turf repair.

“Aaron's attitude and consistent dedication provide an underlying inspiration to many,” Wilkinson wrote in his nomination packet. “He is independent and proactive in his approach, and provides selfless support to so many within the organization.”

The other support employees who received recognition are: School-based Custodian of the Year: Michael Bowles, Linganore High; Central Office Business Support Employee of the Year Jeremy Eccard, Public Affairs; School-based Food Service Employee of the Year Barbara Hoy, Rock Creek School; Central Office Secretary of the Year Orissa Linker, Central Office Reception; Bus Driver of the Year Carolyn Shultz, Oakdale feeder; and School-based Secretary of the Year Lori Zentz, Catoctin High. These six employees will each receive a special FCPS  plaque.