FCPS School Receives Grant from National Organization

FCPS School Receives Grant from National Organization

Heather Ridge School is one of 82 schools nationwide awarded funding by the Choose Kindness Foundation, a philanthropic organization serving nearly 50,000 students this school year.

Heather Ridge was awarded $5,000 based on the school’s demonstration of a systematic, evidence-based approach to developing pro-social behaviors for at least three years. Through grant funding, online resources and trainings, the Foundation works with schools to engage all students in a consistent effort to learn and practice kind behaviors that are shown to increase academic, social, emotional and behavioral competence.

Heather Ridge and Choose Kindness will begin an active partnership to teach and celebrate kindness with the intention of creating a welcoming, inclusive and caring school environment.

“For many students, the virtual and hybrid world of 2020 meant the loss of their social environment, and their mental health suffered,” Heather Ridge Principal Elizabeth Stiffler said. “This new, year-long initiative with Choose Kindness seeks to engage all students in a consistent effort to implement kindness related activities. We want our students to be friendly, show appreciation, offer help and reach out to those in need.”

Heather Ridge is an educational program that provides an alternative to a traditional school. The structured environment, with additional therapeutic and behavioral staffing, makes Heather Ridge a supportive learning environment for students to practice skills for academic, behavioral and emotional growth. Students, families and staff work collaboratively to set goals and develop skills to meet and practice those goals in order for the students to make choices that will positively impact their educational career.