Message from Interim Superintendent Mike Markoe to the community

For nearly two years, our community needed to overcome so much. I recognize many of us are tired, overwhelmed and anxious about the future. All of those feelings are understandable. I also know our community is unshakable.

Please know that as we embark on a leadership transition in Frederick County Public Schools, I am committed to growing forward, keeping our school system united, strengthening trust and working to address the challenges we are encountering. We must listen to our students, our staff and our community. Progress will not be easy, but I am confident if we stay focused on a better future for our community, we can accomplish so much together.

In the coming months, we are committed to systemic process improvement and frequent communication with an emphasis on the "why." Please join us to continue building a stronger and brighter future for our students.

Thank you, 
Dr. Mike Markoe