FCPS Seeks Student Pages for Maryland Legislature

FCPS Seeks Student Pages for Maryland Legislature

The Maryland General Assembly seeks six Frederick County high school students to serve as five pages and one alternate page during the coming legislative sessions.

Each selected page serves two nonconsecutive weeks in either the House of Delegates or the State Senate. During the 13 weeks of the session, which runs from the second week in January to early April 2023, each page serves one week during the first eight weeks and returns for a second week during the last five. 

Duties of the page revolve around the schedule of the chamber to which the student is assigned.  Whenever the assigned chamber is in session, pages must be present to distribute materials to the members, assist visitors, deliver messages, run errands and keep the members’ bill books up to date. Pages do not work in delegates’ or senators’ offices. 

Interested students should contact their page coordinator or principal for an application. Each county high school may nominate one student who must attend a virtual selection forum on Thursday, October 20. 

To qualify, a student must be a senior and at least 16 years of age; have or obtain a social security number’ exhibit an interest in government and history; have an average or above average scholastic record; have a record of good conduct; be competent, courteous and reliable; wear appropriate dress and exhibit good personal grooming; and be outgoing and like to meet people.  

The Speaker and President of the Maryland General Assembly will notify students selected to participate, starting December 5, 2022.