A message to the FCPS community

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Late last week, and over the course of the weekend, many watched the encounter between Tyre Nichols and Memphis City Police officers that ended in Mr. Nichols' death three days later. Although this incident took place hundreds of miles away from Frederick, we know the impact of this event, and others like it, is felt intensely by our students, staff and members of the Frederick community. When events such as the one that took Tyre Nichols' life occur, it may cause some to treat others in ways that do not demonstrate the kindness and caring we expect. Our primary focus is to ensure we provide an environment in each of our schools and offices that values, respects and honors the identity, culture and backgrounds of each member of the FCPS community. 

FCPS works closely with our law enforcement partners to ensure the safety of our students and staff. It is important that we do not let the inexcusable actions of a few, paint how we view those committed to the safety of our schools and community. Our School Resources Officers (SRO) work daily to build relationships with students and staff, and create environments where all students and staff feel safe and supported. These relationships are essential, especially when incidents occur that may damage that trust.

During the most recent Board meeting, it was stated that we must show respect and demonstrate kindness and caring to each and every student. The care, respect and kindness we demonstrate is not only directed toward our students but each member of our community. 

When incidents like this occur our staff is ready to assist in providing the best possible support for our students and each other. Following are some resources that may be beneficial:   

Let's use the hurt caused by these events to move us toward positive actions, not actions that create harm. Our community has demonstrated time and again that we come together during difficult moments. When we unite with the goal of improving, Frederick County becomes a place where each of us can thrive in an environment where we are valued, respected and cared for. 

We are proud to be a part of this wonderful community and fortunate to work alongside staff and community members who champion the importance of valuing and respecting everyone. In this moment and those to come, we commit to continuing to do the work necessary to ensure Frederick County is a place where we all are safe and believe we belong. Let's continue to work together for every child, every day.

Our best, 

Dr. Cheryl L. Dyson

Sue Johnson
Board of Education