Local Schools Perform Well on State Report Cards

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Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) recently received 2022-2023 Maryland School Report Cards for each of its schools. Just as in past years, the report cards use a five-star rating. Several measures are used to determine the star rating for each school. Maryland returned to the original, more rigorous methodology in calculating the report cards after modifying standards during the pandemic.

The report card evaluates academic performance in reading, math and science, academic growth, English language proficiency, chronic absenteeism, school climate, and well-rounded curriculum. Social studies was added as a middle school measure for this reporting year. For high schools, the state also measures students “on-track” in ninth grade and graduation rate. 

Over two-thirds of FCPS schools were identified as either four or five stars. Across Maryland, only 37% of schools earned four stars or higher. 

“Our students continue to demonstrate progress on the key indicators of school success – academic achievement, progress, and school quality.”  FCPS superintendent Dr. Cheryl L. Dyson said. “Our staff will continue to use this information, paired with additional local measures to build on our strengths and address areas of need. Our new FCPS Learning Journey will provide the roadmap that ensures we examine students throughout their academic experience and that every child is prepared to thrive in college, careers and the community.”

FCPS Chief of Schools and Accountability, Dr.  Jamie Aliveto shared, “Results from the report cards are used by FCPS schools in continuous school improvement efforts. School staff regularly monitor student performance; some of these data are not new to leaders, they are simply synthesized in the state’s accountability model. The state report cards offer one additional way in which we can evaluate school performance.” 

Two measures, student growth and chronic absenteeism, are a strong focus for FCPS school and system leaders.  Student growth in reading and math is being monitored closely throughout this school year in every FCPS school. FCPS families can help with the chronic absenteeism indicator by ensuring strong attendance at school each day.  Research has shown there is a high correlation between attendance and achievement.

Maryland designed the report cards to meet federal requirements that help set standards for school accountability. Today, federal accountability standards for schools are legislated in the Every Student Succeeds Act.

See the results: https://reportcard.msde.maryland.gov/