Blueprint for Maryland's Future

Dr. Sarah Sirgo
Chief of Staff and FCPS Blueprint Coordinator:

Phone: 301-696-6963
Fax: 301-696-6861

Memorandum of Understanding between:

  • Frederick County, Maryland
  • Frederick County Public Schools
  • Frederick County Workforce Services
  • Frederick Community College

Steering Committee Overview

In 2020, a piece of landmark legislation was passed, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Act (HB 1300). The intent of this legislation is to improve and enhance the quality of public education in Maryland. In its 235 pages, the bill contains policy and funding recommendations from the Kirwan Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education. In 2021, HB 1372 was passed to complement and update HB 1300. House Bill 1300 and House Bill 1372 should both be considered and cross-referenced to fully understand policy provisions and funding found in the Blueprint. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is a multi-billion dollar investment to be implemented over the next 10 years.

The Blueprint for Maryland's Future provides the foundation needed to elevate every child to reach their full promise and potential by transforming Maryland's education system into a world-class model. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is organized into five distinct policy areas (pillars):

Early Childhood Education Career and College Readiness Career and Technical Education High-Quality Diverse Teachers and Leaders Career Ladder Resources to Ensure All Students are Successful

Blueprint Pillars