Pay in Arrears

Who does this apply to?

Paying in the arrears will apply to all benefitted employees: ten (10), eleven (11), and twelve (12)-month employees (excluding non-benefitted employees, bus drivers and bus assistants who are already on a pay in arrears schedule).

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Use the links below to see your adjusted pay schedule and learn more about what options are available to you to help offset this change.


10 Month Employees

11 Month Employees

12 Month Employees



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paying in Arrears?

Effective July 1, 2024: FCPS is moving to a pay schedule called “pay in arrears.” Employees will continue to be paid twice a month. The difference will be that the paycheck will reflect the prior pay period. The table below shows the arrears pay period and time worked schedule.  For an overview of the pay in arrears structure and information on why FCPS is making this change please watch our video.

Time Worked Pay Date
1st - 15th of Month Last Day of the Month
16th - End of Month 15th of the Following Month

How will this impact staff?

This permanent shift to paying in arrears will require an adjustment to our first paycheck scheduled for the 2024-2025 school year. The shifted schedule will remain in effect moving forward. To support FCPS employees, we are sharing this information early to help with your planning. There are advance pay options for ten (10) and eleven (11) month employees. There is a gap pay for 12 month employees on 7/15/2024. Please see the links below to learn more about your options.

You Must Select Your 2024 Pay advance option for 10 and 11 month employees by:

  • You can select one of four approaches for 2024
    • No advance and no summer pay. 
    • Advance only
    • Summer Pay (only available for 10 month employees)
    • Advance and summer pay
    • FCPS is offering an optional pay advance for summer 2024 to cover the 8/15 pay for 11 month employees and the 8/31 pay for 10 month employees
    • You must select your advance option in PeopleSoft Self-Service between 5/1/24 and 6/15/24.

You May Select to opt out of the gap pay for 12 month employees by:

    • FCPS is offering a gap pay to cover the 7/15 pay for 12 month employees.
    • You must select your opt out option in PeopleSoft Self-Service between 5/1/24 and 6/15/24.

Why is FCPS making this change?

Operational excellence is both a Board of Education and Superintendent priority. The system is moving toward a number of key initiatives that will make our employee experience better, faster, and more accurate–one of which is moving from paying current to paying in arrears.