REMINDER: Parents and guardians are responsible for their children being up-to-date on their school required immunizations. Per Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), beginning on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, FCPS will EXCLUDE ANY STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS unless they present evidence of an appointment for the missing immunizations scheduled within the next 20 calendar days. This includes students enrolled in the Virtual School program.

What vaccines are needed? View the complete immunization schedule here.

Need a copy of your child’s immunization record? Request a copy from the primary care provider or by visiting the MyIR Mobile portal.

Need vaccines? Students can receive the required vaccinations the following ways:

  1. From their primary care provider.
  2. CVS Minute Clinics provide vaccinations on a walk-in basis. Please call 866-389-2727 for hours and locations near you.
  3. At the back-to-school immunization clinics offered by Frederick County Health Department every Tuesday and Wednesday from July 26 to August 31. You may schedule your child's appointment by calling 301-600-3342. The immunizations will be provided at the health department building, located at 350 Montevue Lane. COVID-19 vaccinations will not be offered at the back to school clinics.

Many children have already received the required immunizations from their healthcare provider during their well-child visits. However, double check your child’s record before school starts to avoid being excluded from school!