Data Management

The Data Management team manages PeopleSoft, job data and position control. We process all actions in an employee's life cycle with a focus on data integrity.

We also pull reports for PIA requests, annual MSDE reporting, and collective bargaining.

Contact Information: Data Management

Data Management Staff Responsibilities
Jess Sedgwick
Jess Sedgwick

Assistant Data Manager

(240) 586-8016

  • Job and Position Data Management
  • HR Data Reports and Queries
  • HR Data Integrity
  • Negotiations Data Support
  • Lane Change Review
  • Frontline Applitrack Administration

  • Electronic Personnel File Oversight

Cara Schaffer
HCM Data Specialist

(240) 586-8010

  • Position Control
  • MSDE Reports
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
  • Contingent Worker Access
  • Frontline User Access
Elizabeth Donegan
Elizabeth Donegan

HR Associate II

(240) 586-8013

  • Frontline Substitute Management Support call 240-586-8045
  • Long-Term & Substitute Teacher and Substitute SEIA Support
  • Substitute and Non-Benefited Employee Data Entry
  • Transportation Data Entry
Patrice Wiles
HR Associate I

(240) 586-8029

  • Support Data Entry for all Actions
  • Certificated Separations Data Entry
  • Non-Benefitted Employee Data Entry
  • Volunteer Data Entry
Angela Fossett
Angela Fossett

HR Associate I

(240) 586-8007

  • Teacher Hiring Data Entry
  • Administrator Hiring Data Entry
  • Food Service Data Entry for all Actions