Department of Organizational Development

Mission Statement

The Department of Organizational Development equips and empowers the FCPS community to positively impact each and every student.


Serving the FCPS community's commitment to learning and leadership.  We pledge to:

  • Provide a visionary learning environment
  • Utilize research-informed practices
  • Foster collaborative relationships


Relationships: Our work’s efficacy is highly dependent on the trusting, mutually-respectful relationships that we cultivate across our school system. We rely on the strong relationships within our team to help us solve problems, innovate, and energize one another.

Service:  Our work is grounded in response to the needs of the employees we serve. We utilize qualitative and quantitative feedback, clear communication, and focused alignment to systemic goals and priorities to ensure that our efforts and resources are expended in innovative ways that serve all aspects of the organization.

Knowledge: Our work is grounded in practices that are informed by research. We stay on the leading edge of developments in instructional best practices, high-quality management strategies, leadership skills, and employee learning. We strive to ensure that our methods model our understanding of how the brain learns, works, and thrives.

Impact: Our work touches 100% of FCPS employees, promoting greater student achievement, higher levels of employee satisfaction, greater systemic efficiency, and high-quality, sustainable, long-term leadership. We value ongoing data collection and analysis to ensure progress and foster accountability.

Joy:  Our work happens in an atmosphere of joyful learning where participants are welcomed and valued. A joyful learning environment promotes creative thinking, reduces stress, reinforces positive relationships, and allows us to be a deliberately developmental organization. By modeling our passion for learning, we inspire each and every staff member to make FCPS a world class school system.


Margaret Lee
Director, Organizational Development
Fax:  240-236-8836

Dr. Karine Myers
Director, Leadership Development
Fax:  240-236-8836

Amy Struntz
Supervisor, Induction & Professional Learning
Fax:  240-236-8836

Joe Hinson
Coordinator, Teacher Advancement
Fax:  240-236-8836

Andrea Morgan
Manager, Support Employee Professional Growth
Fax:  240-236-8836

Cheryl Peters
Executive Secretary

Fax:  240-236-8836