FCPS Office of Advanced Academics


FCPS Advanced Academics aspires to discover, uncover, and grow gifted and advanced learner potential. Every child should come to school and learn something new every day. The following guide our philosophy and chart our course:

FCPS endeavors to reach, challenge, and prepare its students. In keeping with that mission, Advanced Academics works to close both achievement and excellence gaps, Grades PreK to 12 by:

Discovering. . . 
Students are universally screened in Grade 2 and are reviewed for identification to receive gifted and talented services. Any student with demonstrated academic need can access advanced-level learning opportunities.

Uncovering. . .
Talent spotting begins from the moment students enter FCPS, regardless of background or circumstance, no matter the neighborhood or school. Identification and service delivery processes are ongoing to ensure that developmental differences do not serve as barriers to future opportunities.

Growing. . .
A continuum of services for gifted and advanced learners spans Grades PreK-12. Talent development is central to Advanced Academics’ focus on gifted and advanced learner potential.