How do I know what Praxis tests that I need to take?

Here for the list of Praxis tests and the Maryland qualifying score for each. These tests are required for initial certification and to add an endorsement to your certificate.  You only need to take the content (C) test to add an area.

Where can I get Praxis test and registration information?

The Educational Testing Service Website is a great source of information and is also where you go to register for tests.  If you choose State Requirements in the center of the first screen and then choose Maryland, you will get the most accurate information for Maryland.  Be sure to have your scores reported to the Maryland State Department of Education – Code R7403.

Does ETS automatically report Praxis scores to FCPS?

FCPS does not receive score reports from ETS nor MSDE.  Be sure to make a copy of all pages of your score report and send it to the Certification Office or forward the pdf score report via email to as soon as you receive it.  Indicate if you are seeking an additional certification area, by including a note with your score report.  Keep your original score report in a safe place.  ETS does not retain scores for an extended period and you never know when you will need to show that you have passed these tests.