Support Staff Recruitment

New Hire Orientation

Frederick County Public Schools is delighted to welcome our support staff with a specially tailored New Hire Orientation.

FCPS provides two different models of orientation for support staff:

► New Hire Orientation: This orientation is designed for all new support staff members (excluding our daily substitutes). This orientation includes a core hour of learning about FCPS leadership, policies, vision, values and more! After this core hour, we separate into breakout groups specially tailored for our employee groups.

► Substitute New Hire Orientation: This orientation is designed specifically for our daily substitutes. This day-long session allows for us to deep-dive into topics like classroom management, special education supports and much more with our Substitutes. Click here to review a copy of our Substitute New Hire Orientation Agenda.

If you have any questions about how to access or sign up for these orientation sessions as a new employee, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the members of the Support Talent Acquisition and Relations team:

FCPS Hiring Timeline for Support Staff

  1. 3-5 days: New application is screened by an FCPS personnel officer
  2. 7 days: Candidates are notified to sign up for an initial interview
  3. 1-2 days: Approved candidates are placed in a "Candidate Pipeline" online folder for hiring managers to access
  4. 1-2 days: Candidates in the "Candidate Pipeline" will be sent a 611-3 form for completion
  5. Ongoing: Once positions become available, a hiring manager reviews, selects, and contacts candidates to interview
  6. 5-10 days: Hiring managers hold interviews and select a candidate
  7. Ongoing: Hiring managers contact the HR personnel officer to recommend the selected candidate for hire
  8. 3 days: Personnel Officer works out the salary and confirms references and 611-3 forms are completed
  9. 3-5 days: HR makes an offer to the candidate
  10. * 2-3 days: Candidate accepts the offer and HR sends a new hire email to the hiring manager

*Once an offer has been accepted, there are 3 additional steps:

  1. HR sends email to new hire to select dates to take new hire orientation and have fingerprints and badge photo taken. (Option 1: July - August, Option 2: during the school year, Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  2. 5 days: State sends fingerprint results back to FCPS
  3. 5 days: If hired after the start of the school year, HR confirms start date with new hire after verifying fingerprint results and badge has been printed