Human Resources New Teacher Orientation 

The purpose of the new teacher orientation is to provide an overview of central services, complete the background check process, finalize paperwork, and provide new hires an opportunity to connect with personnel from FCPS Human Resources and Payroll, Benefit Vendors, union representatives and more. 

New teachers hired to start at the beginning of the school year will be invited to attend a one hour orientation. Orientations are offered weekly throughout the summer months, starting in June. New teachers will also be invited to attend the Professional Learning Team’s New Hire Symposium

New teachers hired after the start of the school year will be invited to attend a monthly orientation. New hires will have the opportunity to finalize paperwork and connect with personnel from FCPS Human Resources. Budget depending, the Professional Learning Team will offer a mid-year Symposium opportunity in January. 

If you have any questions about how to access or sign up for these orientation sessions as a new employee, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the members of the Certificated Talent Acquisition team:

FCPS Hiring Timeline for Teachers

  1. 3-5 days: New application is screened by an FCPS personnel officer
  2. 7 days: Candidates are notified to sign up for an initial teacher interview and/or a curriculum interview
  3. 1-2 days: Approved candidates are placed in a "Candidate Pool" online folder for principals to access
  4. 1-2 days: Candidates in "Candidate Pool" will be sent a 611-3 form for completion
  5. Ongoing: A principal reviews and selects candidates to interview
  6. 5-10 days: Schools hold interviews and select a candidate
  7. Ongoing: Schools contact HR personnel officer to recommend the selected candidate for hire
  8. 3 days: Personnel officer works out the salary and confirms references and 11-3 forms are completed
  9. 3-5 days: HR makes offer to candidate
  10. 2-3 days: Candidate accepts the offer and HR sends a new hire email to the principal