***Pre-K Application for the 2024-2025 school year will open on or around April 1st

Pre-K Application Process

All applications will be processed centrally via the Early Childhood Education Office. For families meeting eligibility criteria, notification of Pre-K acceptance will begin in May. Those not meeting eligibility criteria will be considered for possible vacancies based upon income eligibility requirements. Applications will be considered based upon Tiered Eligibility using the following timelines:

Tier 1: Acceptance upon Eligibility Confirmation

Students from families earning up to 300% FPL
Tier 2: Consideration between September 1st- October 1st, pending space
Students from families earning between 300-600% FPL
Tier 3: Consideration after October 1st, pending space

Students from families earning above 600% FPL

Please understand this timeline allows for FCPS to provide Pre-K seats to as many children meeting income eligibility as possible. We appreciate your patience in this process.

You may apply for Pre-K by using the secure online enrollment portal. Please note: Income documentation, proof of residency, and proof of birth date is required to be considered for Pre-K eligibility. Applications without this documentation will not be considered.

Do you need to enroll a student for the 2023-2024 school year starting August 23, 2023? The online student enrollment system is open. Click here for English or click here for Spanish.

If you are unable to apply for Pre-K using our online portal, you may download an official FCPS Enrollment Form template and return via  US Mail to the Early Childhood Office located  at 191 S. East Street Frederick, Md 21701. Please ensure your submission includes all income eligibility, proof of residency, and proof of birth date documentation. Documents may also be dropped off at the front desk of the above Central Office address or emailed to PreKEnrollment@fcps.org.

The required enrollment documentation to include income verification document, proof of residency, and proof of birth date may be easily uploaded as part of the online enrollment process. Please do not submit until all documents have been included in your application as you will not be able to edit once submitting the online application. 

Required Documentation for Pre-K Applications

  • Total Household Gross Income must be verified to qualify for placement within a Pre-K program. Household Gross Income MUST be documented by providing one of the following for EACH Household Member receiving income:
    • Food Supplemental Program (FSP) Current letter of Verification; 
    • Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) Current letter of Verification; 
    • Three recent consecutive pay stubs from employer(s);  
    • W-2 form(s) from last year from employer(s) 
    • Other: Schedule C/1099 (if self-employed), a letter on letterhead from your employer(s) stating your income, child support and court order or letter, unemployment, disability income, etc.
    • Please note: a Household Member includes anyone who is living with you and shares income and expenses, even if not related.
  • Immunization and health records, provide BOTH of the following:
  • Proof of date of birth (provide one of these: Birth certificate, physician's certificate, hospital certificate, baptismal or church certificate, parent's affidavit, or passport/visa)
  • Proof of residency (provide one of these: current property tax bill, current rental bill, current utility bill for water, gas, or electric)
  • Parent photo identification

Often a parent/guardian and child do not own or rent the home in which they live.  If this is your case, then the person who actually owns or rents the home must provide the same proof of residency as listed above (current property tax bill, current rental bill, current utility bill) and must complete and have notarized the FCPS Parent Residence Affidavit Multi-Family form.

FCPS Regulation 400-7 provides further information about enrolling a student. You may also contact Student Support Services.

FCPS also has a Multilingual Education Program to help non-English speaking families.

Important Note: Applying for FCPS public prekindergarten program, regardless of the time of year, DOES NOT automatically guarantee enrollment. Every attempt is made to provide space for as many children as possible, but because of funding restrictions, spaces are limited. In order for your application to be considered, all appropriate information must be completed and accompanied by ALL required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be processed and may affect your child’s placement.