Printing Coordination

FCPS outsources print jobs to approved printing companies.

When your job is “print ready”— meaning it requires no design/layout work, has been proofed and can be printed "as is" — choose one of the following options:

  1. Submit your job through PeopleSoft. This option applies to orders except #2 and #3 below.
    1. Complete the online Printing Request Form (also in FormFinder).
    2. Complete a requisition for printing in PeopleSoft (see instructions) and electronically attach to it:
      1. The Printing Request Form
      2. The final document to be printed, preferably in PDF format
    3. If your document is not in electronic format, please courier or hand deliver it to Media Arts, 191 South East Street.
    4. Brent reviews the document and Printing Request Form and may contact you to clarify to determine the best printer for the job, assigns a dollar amount and a vendor to your requisition, and approves the requisition in PeopleSoft.
    5. Purchasing electronically forwards the PO, Printing Request Form and your to-be-printed document to the approved vendor.
    6. You receive an e-mail notice of your PO number, PO amount and vendor name for tracking purposes.
    7. The vendor delivers the job to the Warehouse, which in turn delivers it to you.
    8. Upon receipt of your order, you must receive the job in PeopleSoft to indicate that Accounts Payable can pay the invoice.
      1. If you receive a shipment of a document ordered for you by another office and which will be charged to your account, you must receive your shipment on the PO for your school; this enables the office that generated the order to monitor delivery.
      2. Other centrally ordered documents (such as CRES tests) that are not being charged to you will likely be delivered to your school with a receipt which you must sign and return to the appropriate office.
    9. Accounts Payable pays the vendor.
  2. For small-volume, quick-turnaround jobs only, use your P-card.  Send your small, "overnight" jobs to a quick-copy company near your office rather than one of the larger approved vendors. Examples: Staples, Minuteman Press, Sir Speedy, etc. You are responsible for delivering the job in “print-ready” format to the printer either electronically or in person, picking it up and ensuring it meets your specifications.
  3. Use the Career & Technology Center's copy shop. Work directly with the copy shop, NOT through Brent Smith. Get information about services, pricing and ordering.

Get Layout or Composition Help Before Printing

In addition to facilitating printing, Brent assists with updates to existing print materials and layout/composition of new print projects that do not require extensive graphic design and/or illustration, such as:

  • Student handbooks
  • Forms
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Reports
  • Fliers and more



Document Production Specialist

191 South East Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Order Form, Instructions, Pricing

Printing Request Form
*Active Form does not work in Chrome. To use from Chrome, right+click the link, select "Save link as..." and save the document to your desktop for completion and forwarding to Printing Dept.

PeopleSoft Directions for print ordering

Binding, Stapling & Folding Samples

Account Codes

72007 (Contracted Printing Services):  For use system wide by departments and programs for printing non-instructional materials and by school offices (Program 089).

73007 (MOI Print Svc): For printing of instructional materials only (Class/Category 04). 

Allow Adequate Lead Time

Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery from the time you submit your print-ready project as a PeopleSoft requisition.

Get Standard Forms from the Warehouse

Leave Request Forms, Health Information Cards, Internal Deposit Slips, Late Passes, Saturday School Contracts, Detention Notices and many other standard forms are available in the Warehouse for ordering via the PeopleSoft MSR process

Catalog of Forms Available from the Warehouse

Professional Graphic Design & Illustration
Media Arts continues to offer professional graphic arts and illustration services for special projects such as:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Displays
  • Marketing materials
  • Logos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Banners
  • Digital photography and more

For this type of assistance, contact Kyle Raines at x6-7116.