Public Affairs Department

Vision Statement

The Public Affairs Department promotes student achievement by engaging families and community members in our schools, building pride in and support for public education, facilitating effective internal and public communication, and recognizing employee excellence.

Mission Statement

The Public Affairs Department:

  • promotes public education in Frederick County by highlighting the achievements and contributions of our students. (Aspirational Goal 1)
  • fosters and encourages creativity, initiative, and professional development among its staff. (Aspirational Goal 2)
  • educates our FCPS community on the details of national and state educational mandates. (Aspirational Goal 1: Priority 1)
  • informs the FCPS community with timely and accurate information regarding emergencies while respecting law enforcements’ and emergency responders’ responsibilities and the privacy of involved parties. (Aspirational Goal 3: Priority 6)
  • organizes events to celebrate successes and all things FCPS. (Aspirational Goal 4:Priority 7)
  • seeks and expands partnerships to enhance students’ educational experiences. (Aspirational Goal 3: Priority 6 and Aspirational Goal 4: Priority 7)
  • utilizes the latest professional social media to provide opportunities for two-way communication with the FCPS community. (Aspirational Goal 4:Priority 7)
  • supports community forums and board meetings in communicating FCPS initiatives and promoting feedback. (Aspirational Goal 3 & 4)
  • uses industry standard technology to create innovative multimedia content. (Aspirational Goal 3 & 4)
  • publishes documentation that clearly communicates the intended message while meeting the highest level of spelling and grammatical correctness.
  • develops and maintains dynamic websites that provide user-friendly access and engagement.
  • supports schools in accomplishing the mission of the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. (Aspirational Goal 1: Priority 2 and Aspirational Goal 4: Priority 7)