Welcome to FCPS Student Success Stories

Every once in awhile, our Communication Services division will hear about a creative video featuring a Middletown High student or initiative.

So we watch.

What do we see? Slick graphics. Excellent production. Creative storytelling.

The videos are all created by one student: Middletown High senior Kevin Swann. He has profiled school musicians. He has created a video explaining how students should conduct themselves at extracurricular events. He has promoted his school and his fellow students extremely well.

Kevin has started his own multimedia business, Kevin Swann Studios. He has his own YouTube page and his own website.

A few weeks ago, Kevin sent us a direct message via Twitter to let us know about his latest project: A feature on Middletown High freshman Samantha Johnson, a.k.a. Sammie J, an aspiring singer-songwriter.

Not surprisingly, his video was excellent:

We remembered Kevin for his 2015 video profiling Middletown High classmate Abbe Pannucci, a cancer survivor who earned a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo:

Kevin also will promote important initiatives. When Middletown High needed a video to show students how to properly conduct themselves at extracurricular events, they turned to Kevin:

He created an interesting feature about how Middletown High bioengineering students are trying to save bees:

So a salute to Kevin, a student using his talents to showcase others. We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.