Medication/Treatment Orders from Your Child's Healthcare Provider

Parents/guardians must renew a child's medication/treatment authorization forms at the beginning of each school year.  FCPS has posted medication/treatment authorization forms at They are also available at each school.

To help make your child’s first day a success, please bring:

  • any medication your child needs
  • all completed forms

to your child's school health room during the week of August 18 between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Important! Please check the expiration date on the pharmacy label before bringing medication to the health room with the authorization form. Maryland law allows prescription medication to be used only for 1 year beyond date of issue or expiration date indicated on the medication, whichever comes first.
For more information, please see FCPS Regulation 400-23.

Note: Students may bring and apply over-the-counter sunscreen without a written order.