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During the 2019-2020 school year, all middle schools and high schools will use the Schoology gradebook. Assignment grades and course averages will be visible in Schoology. Attendance, interim, term and final grades will appear in HAC.

Elementary teachers will continue to notify parents if they plan on using Schoology.

How Do Parents Get Connected to Schoology?

  1. Make sure you have your Parent Access Code. Reminder: Parent Access Codes for Schoology are distributed by the school through a letter and can be found in HAC.
  2. Use the Sign Up as a Parent instructions to create an account. Enter your child’s unique 12-digit code Parent Access Code to view any activity or grades in Schoology.
  3. REGISTRASE COMO PADRES para obtener una cuenta de Schoology nueva. Use el código de acceso para quedar automáticamente asociado a su hijo.

Note: FCPS employees must create a personal Schoology account with your personal email. Use the Linking Account Instructions to toggle between your personal and professional account.

Ready to Learn More about the Schoology Parent Experience?

View our FCPS Schoology parent training playlist to learn how to get connected and navigate Schoology: or access the resources below for more information about the parent experience in Schoology.

Home Page
Add Children Associations
Account Notifications
Account Settings
Parent Email Digests

Download the Schoology App on your mobile device today.

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FCPS launched the Schoology learning management system (LMS) in the 2018-2019 school year. Schoology provides course management, mobile learning, and communication tools. It enables students, parents and teachers to engage with learning materials in a safe, secure, single sign-on environment. Teachers may choose to use Schoology to engage students in learning and/or enhance connectivity and communication.

If a teacher uses the Schoology gradebook, parents can expect the following:

  • Access to digital assignment submissions in Schoology directly through the gradebook.
    • Note: Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc. are not viewable to parents because Google access is restricted to students and teachers)

If a teacher uses Schoology as an instructional tool, parents can expect to view:

  • The learning experience delivered through the platform
  • Your child’s activity in the course, including but not limited to:
    • Submitted and missing assignments
    • Posts (text and media) your child created

If a teacher uses Schoology as a communication tool, parents can expect the following:

  • Classroom communication such as announcements about assignments and classroom updates
  • FCPS systemic communications such as school closings will still be shared through FindOutFirst

What to remember as you engage with Schoology:

  • Parent Access Codes for Schoology will be distributed by your school.
  • Though parents will see all the child’s courses in Schoology, some may have no activity because the teacher is not using Schoology. Only teachers that have notified parents about using Schoology in their classroom will have activity in the platform.
  • Term, interim and final grades of record will be available in the Home Access Center.

FCPS values parent participation in your child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use at Schoology helps FCPS promote a safe and secure environment.

Personal data currently stored within Schoology is used to create student accounts and to deliver instruction.  As part of our contractual agreement, all user data is strictly prohibited from being sold, released or disclosed for any purpose not required by the contract.  Information used by the third-party vendors is limited to generic information not directly identifiable to a specific user.  Below is a list of relevant FCPS policies related to data privacy.

Student Data Privacy- Policy 442
Data Security- Policy 208
Student Records- Policy 421

We are confident that over time Schoology will give parents opportunities to engage more in their children’s learning experience and stay connected more than ever before. We are excited to introduce Schoology to the FCPS community.