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Frederick County Public Schools partners with Pear Deck Tutor to provide 24/7 online tutoring to all students. The Pear Deck Tutor platform is easy to use and offered at no additional cost to you. With Pear Deck Tutor, students connect on-demand with a tutor who’s an exact match for what they’re looking for — whether they’re stumped by a Calculus equation, craving a confidence boost, or looking for writing feedback. 

The Pear Deck Tutor platform replicates all the best parts of in-person tutoring — including the ability to connect face-to-face through opt-in audio and video. The Lesson Space has all the tools a student may need for real-time collaboration with a tutor in even advanced subject matters.

No matter the field of study, writing skills are fundamental to academic and post-graduate success. Through Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Lab, students receive prompt feedback on their writing assignments to help them improve their written communication.

How to use Pear Deck Tutor

Pear Deck Tutor pairs a student with a tutor for 1:1, live learning support and offers feedback on their writing assignments before submitting it for a grade. Pear Deck Tutor is accessible through Clever. 

For live sessions, students and tutors will work with each other in Pear Deck Tutor’s Lesson Space. Asynchronous writing feedback is given through the Pear Deck Tutor Writing Lab. 

For live, 1:1 tutoring: Once logged in, select the live tutoring button, follow the steps, and answer a few simple questions to help Pear Deck Tutor find the best tutor to match your needs. Once you submit your request, Pear Deck Tutor will match you as fast as they can, but please understand it may take a few minutes. Once you’re paired with a tutor, you’ll be taken to the Lesson Space where you’ll have access to all the tools you need for your tutoring session. If you’d like, you can use the audio, video, and/or screen sharing features to make it feel like you’re sitting right next to your tutor.

For asynchronous writing feedback: Once logged in to Pear Deck Tutor, select the writing support button, follow the steps to upload your file, and provide details about your submission and the assignment requirements. Please note you’ll have to save your writing assignment as a .docx (Microsoft Word) file before you can upload it to the Writing Lab. Once you submit your request, Pear Deck Tutor will find a writing expert to review your assignment. The tutor will provide comments in the margins as well as overall notes to help you hone your writing skills. In 12 hours or less, you’ll receive a notification that a tutor has finished reviewing your Writing Lab submission; you can check out their feedback on your assignment by navigating to “Past Lessons”/”My tutoring history” in your Student Dashboard.

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