Benefits of Working for Frederick County Public Schools

  1. We are a diverse department. Of the 32 current psychologists, 6 are Black/African American, 2 are Asian American and 1 is Latinx.  The department is made up of 28% non-white staff.
  2. We are actively recruiting school psychologists of color. It is vital that our school psychologists mirror our student body and are able to share lived experiences, give voice to historically marginalized students, and serve as role models.
  3. We are a smallish and highly collaborative department (32 psychologists) so all psychologists are well known in the department.  Psychologists often consult each other on difficult cases, discuss topics related to the practice of school psychology, provide support and cover meetings and assessments for colleagues.
  4. We have secretarial support.  Secretaries send out all rating scales, score them and forward them to the psychologists. Secretaries will bring a psychologist a test kit, follow up with parents and teachers when rating scales aren’t returned, and generally make the psychologist’s life much easier.
  5. All psychologists have a dedicated work space/office with a desk, chair, phone and computer.   
  6. The Superintendent, the Board of Education and the cabinet understand the importance of good mental health and value and support psychologists and other mental health professionals.
  7. Most psychologists have 2 schools and some have only 1 school thereby allowing the psychologist to provide a full range of psychological services.
  8. FCPS is working toward a model of one psychologist per elementary school.   
  9. FCPS has an evidence based Social Emotional Learning Curriculum (PATHS) in every school, Prek-5, and will implement another evidence based secondary SEL curriculum (School Connect) in grades 6-8 this coming year.
  10. Psychologists are not related service providers on IEPs.   
  11. FCPS encompasses city/urban schools, suburban schools and rural schools.
  12. Frederick county is a great place to live and work and is less expensive than surrounding counties.
  13. FCPS has great benefits.

Mental Health & Psychological Services
Kimberly Muniz, Supervisor

Field offices:

New Market Middle School
Oakdale High School
Thurmont Primary School