High School Visual & Performing Arts

The FCPS Visual and Performing Arts program encourages students to develop and value artistic creations as a means to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through their study of art, music, drama and dance, students learn to plan, develop and present artistic products or performances that reflect their own creativity. Students are also encouraged to try new combinations of tools, resources, techniques and approaches throughout their study.

The program offers:

  • Study in art, music, drama and dance that covers basic concepts and practice in the artistic processes of each art form
  • Art, ceramics, computer graphics, jewelry and small sculpture, photography and sculpture courses
  • Band, concert, guitar, jazz ensemble, marching band, mixed chorus, music theory and orchestra courses
  • Acting, dance, dance production and technical theater courses
  • Advanced, honors-level study and Advanced Placement courses in Studio Art, Western Art History and Music Theory
  • International Baccalaureate classes in Visual Arts and Music
  • Opportunities to participate in a wide variety of curricular activities inside and outside the classroom.


Kimberly Hirschmann
VPA Curriculum Specialist

(301) 644-5161

Renee V. Rosa
Administrative Secretary

(301) 644-5161

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