Technology Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure provides students and staff with technical resources to access, develop, manage, analyze, and communicate information in the most cost-effective manner to support student achievement and improve operational efficiency.

Electronic Device Usage Agreement

The use of a school issued device, during the school day or at home, is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. The following Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) regulations apply while using any device including but not
limited to school issued Chromebooks, Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), personal cell phones, or any other electronic device used at school. This agreement must be reviewed, read and signed by all students and their parent/guardian.

Download the Electronic Device Usage Agreement

Technology Repairs & Replacements

Welcome to the 1:1 Learning Initiative!

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) will provide students at our secondary schools with a Chromebook, case, and a charger. The use of technology in education is a tool to enhance the learning experience. We require that the student and the parent/guardian sign an Electronic Device Usage Agreement. A device and its accessories will be issued to the student once the signed agreement is received at the school. Effective August 17, 2020, FCPS will not charge a Technology Fee for student use of an FCPS issued Chromebook to facilitate digital access. Breakages may incur financial obligations in accordance with FCPS regulations 400-75 and 500-32. If repair for a damaged device incurs a charge, a financial obligation will be issued. The following repair cost structure applies to incidents that occur within a given school year.

Download Technology Repairs & Replacements details.

FCPS Technology Regulations


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Director, Technology Infrastructure

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Supervisor, Technology Support

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