Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet?

With advances in computer technology, even very young children know how to hit the information highway running --- leaving them open to dangers of the Internet such as bullying, exploitation and abuse.

A Checklist for Parents

  • Does your family have a set of rules or an agreement for appropriate Internet use?
  • Do your kids know to ask permission before submitting personal information online?
  • Do you use your children's Internet experiences as an opportunity to discuss inappropriate content, trust and responsibility?
  • Do you make Internet use a family activity by guiding your kids to good sites and teaching them how to perform safe web searches?
  • Have you taught your kids not to believe everything they read online, and to verify online information with an adult?
  • Does your child surf the Internet at the local library? Are you familiar with their acceptable use policy?
  • Is your computer placed in a well-used public area of your home, such as the kitchen or family room?
  • If your child has his/her own web site, have you checked it to make sure it doesn't contain personal information that could identify him/her? ( is very popular among kids today. If your child participates, check out his or her "space.")
  • Have you talked to your kids about responsible online behavior? Do they understand the penalties associated with illegal activities such as stealing from web sites, downloading pirated software, making online threats and hacking?