At LYNX, the ultimate goal is for students to advocate for themselves.  On the road to self-advocacy, students are supported by a network of advocates which includes school counselors, advocacy teachers, partners in business, in our community and in higher education, and Team 1 Advocates.    

Our LYNX Team 1 Advocates for the 2018-19 school year are: Ms. Kathy Koops, Mr. Marlon Moran, Ms. Beth Sands, and Ms. Sandra Zimmerman.

Every LYNX student will have a “Student Success Plan” to serve as a roadmap for college and career readiness with the support of their parents and families. LYNX students will identify interest-based learning ambitions and career aspirations, then design a schedule of coursework, programs, networks and partnerships specifically designed to support their goals.

Image showing LYNX Network of Advocates


Network of Advocates

  • Team 1 Advocates: 4 school-based teachers who provide full-time support for 300-400 LYNX students (8th - 9th grades)
  • Advocacy Teachers: Team of 20 school-based teachers who provide daily support for 15-20 LYNX students within a 40 minute time block (9th grade)
  • Team 2 Advocates: Educators and business, community, and college partners who provide support to LYNX students (10th - 12th grades)
  • Team 3 Advocates: School counselors who provide support to LYNX students (8th - 12th grades)