LYNX partners provide experiences based on what works best for their organization. Experiences take place either at Frederick High School or at the partner’s site.

Options for experiences and participation may include:

  • Provide resources
  • Serve as a guest speaker
  • Provide a virtual networking experience
  • Teach soft skills groups of LYNX students
  • Host tours of a facility
  • Sponsor an internship, apprenticeship or work study opportunity

LYNX Advocates meet with partners to identify which opportunities work best for both the partner and the students.

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  • Give students information (articles or websites)
  • Supplement classroom work with materials
  • Sponsor student events or field trips


  • Engage with students virtually via Google Meet
  • Videoconference with a class or group of students interested in your field
  • Speak to a class in person
  • Participate in a career fair


  • Offer job shadowing opportunities
  • Collaborate with students by email or through digital journals
  • Review resumes and conduct mock interviews
  • Provide an internship or apprenticeship


A Competitive Edge

  • Network and build relationships in your community
  • Promote your business
  • Tap the creativity, energy, and drive of LYNX students
  • Help mold and train your future workforce

Professional Development

  • Improve your skills by teaching others
  • Learn new skills and ideas by interacting with LYNX faculty and students
  • Master the latest communication and technologies and tools as you engage with students

Community engagement

  • Be a community leader
  • Push the cutting edge of education forward by supporting LYNX
  • Get public recognition for your work with students

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LYNX at Frederick High is the cutting edge of education in Maryland.

We're reinventing the high school experience by taking learning into the real world. Flexible schedules, individualized learning plans, innovative tools for teaching and learning, partnerships that take learning out of the classroom and into the community: these are just a few of the features that make LYNX so special. And by partnering with LYNX, you're generating powerful opportunities to develop and train your workforce, network with key community players, and drive innovation in Frederick County.