Business and community partners in Frederick County will provide a wide range of learning opportunities to LYNX students. A partnership with LYNX students allows Frederick businesses and organizations to cultivate and influence their future workforce. Partners in the LYNX program can provide experiences based on their interest and availability.

Experiences and participation may include:

  • Provide resources
  • Serve as a guest speaker
  • Provide a virtual networking experience
  • Host tours of a facility
  • Sponsor an internship, apprenticeship, or work study opportunity

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LYNX at Frederick High

Changing Education in Maryland - will you be a part of it?

Become a partner with LYNX and help develop and train your future workforce, network with key community players, and drive innovation in Frederick County.

The LYNX program reinvents the high school experience by taking learning into the real world. Along with flexible schedules and individualized learning plans, students will engage with local businesses to take tours or field trips, participate in virtual interactions such as panel discussions or Q&As, complete internships, and more!

This program - the first in the state - kicks off at Frederick High School in September 2017. Contact us today to get involved.

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Benefits to you Benefits to Students
Build relationships in your community Introduce career options for better academic planning
Train your future workforce Gain valuable experience
Tap creativity of students Apply learning to real life
Receive public recognition for participation in LYNX Learn about job opportunities within the community