Health Services

The Frederick County Health Department employs and supervises registered nurses and health room technicians, who work in collaboration with FCPS for providing school health services to:

  • promote healthy lifestyles
  • prevent student health problems, injuries and illnesses
  • help students with health needs to access their educational program
  • facilitate student access to primary health care
  • educate students, staff and the community regarding health and well being

For health-related questions or concerns, parents/guardians may call the school nurse or the Frederick County Health Department at 301-600-3312.

Medications / Treatments

If medication or treatment is necessary during the school day, the parent/guardian(s) must provide a written order from the student’s healthcare provider for all prescription and over-the-counter medications or treatments.

Medications must be transported by an adult and provided to the school in the pharmacy bottle, correctly and completely labeled. Over-the-counter medication must be in the original, unopened container. Medications sent in envelopes, plastic bags or daily reminder containers cannot be administered.

FCPS Health Policies & Procedures

Policy 420: Physical Examinations/Immunizations for Students

Regulation 200-26: Communicable Diseases

Regulation 200-39: Emergency Care for Severe/Life Threatening Allergic Reactions

Regulation 200-40: Physical Exams for Students

Regulation 400-6: Food Allergies/Food Modifications

Regulation 400-21: Pediculosis (Head Lice)

Regulation 400-23: Medication Administration

Regulation 400-64: Immunization Program

Regulation 400-68: Health Treatments

Regulation 400-80: Students with Diabetes

Regulation 400-82: Wellness

Regulation 400-83: Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)


Jenifer Waters
Health Services Specialist

(301) 644-5286
Fax:  301-644-5020

Kay O'Hara

(301) 644-5288
Fax:  301-644-5020


Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Back to School Immunization Requirement (opens in new window)

Health Forms